Best Practices 2019-20

To promote farmers up liftment in vicinity of college

Though college comes in an urban area, it is a bit in the outskirts from the heart of the city. Nearby  villages Sapad, Umbarde, Kolivali, etc. Their progress is one of the important unsaid, moral responsibilities of the institution. For the same many different ways are followed. First proper surveys are done to know the places of improvement  by the incubation centre. Then accordingly, policies are decided, which are as follows.

  • Through NSS Sapad village is adopted for its overall development. Cleanliness is one of the necessities, for the same many awareness seminars of health officers were organized. At the same time NSS candidates actually work in villages for clean surroundings.
  • For their health care medical camps, dental camp, eye check up camps, cataract operations, mammography and cancer detection camps for women are organized.
  • Library is set up in a local school for the benefit of villagers.
  • They are given training for preparation of compost manure by using their household wastes.
  • To motivate them, different competitions are organised, like rangoli, healthy baby, clean kitchen etc and they are awarded by gifts.
  • Their children are given more facilities, so that they can educate. Girls are convinced and motivated by faculties for education. Through book bank schemes they are provided books for studies.
  • Sometimes slight changes are made in exam schedules as per their farm activities like, sowing, ploughing, etc.
  • DLLE students conduct surveys on their present status of needs accordingly plan of actions are decided.

College tries to inculcate good moral ethical values among the students

College tries to inculcate good moral ethical values among the students of each class by some or the other way. like NSS, DLLE, organizes such programs , like   “Robin hood army”, this is the army of small children of slum areas who earn their livelihood,  evenings they are taught by our students under the supervision of faculties, provide teaching material, healthy food, etc as per the requirements observed. Students create an urge of education among them in different ways. This way our students learn the actual importance of education.

Snake exhibitions with beliefs and miss beliefs about snakes were shown to students on the occasion of Nagpanchami, so they can understand the importance of animals.

Visiting orphanages, helping to drought victims, help students to understand satisfaction in giving, helping the needy.

Mask distribution, cloth and paper bags are distributed to the nearby shops to avoid use of plastic.