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Professional Ethics

Seth Hirachand Mutha College of Arts , Commerce and Science

Professional Ethics

Following Professional Ethics should be followed by the Teaching and Non teaching Staff in the College Premises:

  1. Teachers appointed should report on time given at the time of interview by the management.

  2. Teachers should provide all original documents for verification at the time of Appointment and submit the Xerox copies to the concern HR department and duly sign the Undertaking Form provided.

  3. Teachers reporting late thrice a week, will be counted a day’s leave.

  4. Total 15 days casual leaves will be approved and Semester wise 6 medical leaves will be sanctioned on particular terms and conditions and approved documents provided by the teachers.

  5.  Leaves beyond the above limit will be subject to salary deductions as per the leaves.

  6. Salary will be subject to deductions of Provident Fund contributions and Professional Tax as per the rules and regulation of Government of Maharashtra.

  7. Presence of teachers is must before or after the holiday declared by the management or the Government holidays declared. If not, due to any reasons will be considered as holiday.

  8. Prior intimation of leaves should be provided.

  9. Yearly appraisal will be considered for further continuation / increment as per the norms of Management.

  10. Teachers should be appropriately dressed. Western outfits not allowed.

  11. Teachers are instructed to use sober and respectful language in the college campus with all the stakeholders.

  12. Teachers have to stay back after the working hours if required and ordered

    by the Management.

  13. Teachers have to be effectively alert around the campus to maintain discipline among the students and maintain the code of Conduct prescribed by the Management.

  14. Teachers should contribute towards Extra curricular activities and other social responsibilities as per requirement.

  15. Private coaching of the respective subjects is strictly prohibited.

  16. Timely reporting in prescribed manner has to be presented to the management.

  17. Certain concessions will be provided for Research and Higher studies on prior request and approval by the Management.

  18. For Upgradation of faculties financial support for conveyance and Registration fees will be provided on approval by the Management.

  19. Library facilities are made available for references , need to be used and safeguarded.

  20. Duties of invigilators and involvement in different committees should be strictly obeyed as per the allotment by the Authorities, also

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