Values for Responsible Growth

Discipline & Code Of Conduct


Self discipline is the best discipline. All students are expected to observe rules and regulations to enable the smooth working of the college.

Code Of Conduct

  • Students should always wear college Identity Card and produce whenever demanded by any college

  • Students must carry the identity card whenever he/she represents the college at any other

  • No student should loiter in the corridors or college campus during lecture

  • Students should not bring any outsiders to the college campus without prior permission.

  • Students should not collect any funds from other students & outsiders without the written permission of the

  • Students should not arrange picnics without prior written permission of the Principal.

  • The college does not enforce a dress However all students are expected to dress decently in accordance to an educational institution.

  • Student should read the notice board from time to time and be informed of the information / instructions displayed for their

  • Student should take care of college property & help in keeping the college campus neat & clean. Any damage caused to college property shall be compensated by the

  • Consumption of Intoxicants, Smoking. Chewing Gutkha, Tobacco is strictly prohibited in the college

  • Application for leave on medical ground should be sumitted to the college authorities in

  • Astudent is liable to be rusticated for misbehavior or any anti social

  • Student should refrain from indulging in any form of ragging which has been notified as a cognizable offence by Govt. of Maharashtra resolution TEM/10967620/96 dated 6/9/1996.

  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the Mobile phones in possession of the students will be confiscated by the college.

  • Strict action will be taken against students violating these

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